Abenaque Kerosene Engine

Kerosene Engines
 To operate an engine successfully on kerosene it is absolutely necessary to vaporize the kerosene before it is taken into the cylinder. To do this satisfactorily it is necessary to heat the kerosene and keep it at an even temperature.
The Abenaque Kerosene engine is built complete in our own factory and is equipped with a special designed carburetor fitted with hot air manifold and takes hot air from the engine exhaust keeping the kerosene at an even temperature. The Abenaque Kerosene engine is built with a fuel tank mounted above the Z-beams just back of the fly wheels this tank being divided into two compartments, the larger holding enough kerosene for a ten hours run and the smaller holding about one gallon of gasoline for starting.
You first start on gasoline and after running a few minutes in order to heat up your carburetor you then, by simply throwing over a lever, automatically shut off the gasoline and turn on the kerosene.
 The Abenaque Kerosene engines have been in operation under all conditions with full load and with no load and have been operating in the field in the hands of our customers and proved entirely satisfactory.
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 source: Abenaque Machine Works Catalog (around 1900) : Westminster Historical Society