Pneumatic Spring For Vehicles

The shocks to which a vehicle is subjected as it travels over an uneven road are absorbed in a novel way in an invention patented by William W. Humphreys, of Sheffield, Ill.Pneumatic Cushion For Vehicles: Scientific American June 8, 1901Pneumatic Cushion For Vehicles: Scientific American June 8, 1901
The two parallel reach-bars, connecting the front and rear axles, are concaved to receive two long pneumatic cushions, A, each closed at one end and provided with an air-valve at the other end. Curved saddle-plates, B, are carried by the cushion-springs to sup-port the vehicle-body, and are prevented from being accidentally displaced by means of bolts.
When the cushions are inflated, the jolting of the vehicle is so thoroughly absorbed, that only a gentle rocking motion is felt by the occupants. Automobiles and two-wheeled vehicles can also be fitted with the pneumatic cushion.
Scientific American June 8, 1901 page 362
Patent number: 673682 Filing date: Jan 22, 1901 Issue date: May 7, 1901